Base Collection: The Way to Enter the City of Zigui Navel Orange in Hubei Province

In order to find the corresponding market for each navel orange, Alibaba cooperated with Zigui County, Yichang, Hubei Province in the "base gathering" project, which allowed millions of Zigui navel oranges to be delivered to the city table, and the newly picked fruits could enter the supermarket

Sun Kaizhou: Give up the iron rice bowl and return home to grow navel orange as a "digital farmer"

It takes nearly five hours to drive from Chongqing North Railway Station to Fengjie County. The road up the hill is rugged, and the uphill and downhill are more common. High-speed lanes are often reduced to two by four, and freight cars are queuing up to speed up.

From the fruit to the big fresh retail, Baiguo Garden Yu Huiyong: re-zero, willing to fight for another 20 years

Recently, Baiguo Garden has also issued a fresh strategy, the 18-year-old "fruit store" announced its entry into the fresh field. At the conference, why did Yu Huiyong, founder of Baiguo Garden, march forward? Why can we make it fresh? And how to make it fresh? Give my own thinking.

Nanning Customs launched a special campaign against smuggling of agricultural products and seized 72 tons of smuggled rice

Nanning Customs announced on the 12th that the customs affiliated to the Shuikou Customs Anti-smuggling Branch recently successfully smashed a smuggled rice crossing point with the Longzhou County Border Management Brigade.

Japanese Media: WTO supports Korea's ban on Japanese aquatic products, which overshadows Japan's food export strategy

The World Trade Organization (WTO), the Appellate Body equivalent to the court's second instance, issued a final judgment in support of the Korean measures on April 11 (early morning Beijing time) in the dispute between Japan and South Korea, which imposed import restrictions on aquatic products