Farmers' joy: a peach 30 Yuan, a barrel of peaches 400, a tree peach 3000

Meiqing peach garden, located in Wendeng, Shandong Province, has brought a new season of maturity. According to Mei Qing, the owner of the garden said: golden autumn red honey is in short supply this year. A peach can be sold for up to 30 yuan, and the lowest can also be sold for 6 yuan.

China International Meat Industry Exhibition 2020 ended successfully. Longda Meats' harvest is full

On September 12, the 2020 18th China International Meat Industry Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Qingdao World Expo City. At the three-day exhibition, Longda Meats concentrated on displaying the fruitful results of the company's entire industry chain development model.

The 9th Yellow River Delta (Binzhou Huimin) Greening Seedlings Trading Expo opens today

On October 12, the 9th Yellow River Delta (Binzhou·Huimin) Greening Seedlings Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Miao Expo") with the theme of "Saplings Huimin•Ecological Yellow River" was held in Huimin County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province The North China Flower and Tree Expo Park opene

Prepare seafood for the festivals! Citizens of Qingdao Xiaogang Fishing Wharf are busy shopping

On September 30, people buy seafood at Xiaogang fishing Wharf in Qingdao. With the Mid Autumn festival and China national day coming, many people come to the fishing wharf to buy seafood for the festivals and present them to relatives and friends.

Qingdao Dazeshan 35000 Mu grape enters the picking season "picking + sightseeing", "brand + e-commerce" to broaden marketing channels

On the morning of September 8, the reporter walked into the grape plantation of shanlinrenjia fruit farmers' Cooperative in Yinjia village, Dazeshan town. Xu Weizheng, the person in charge, led several workers to prune and box the grapes picked.

A new variety of sweet potato, ginseng sweet potato, is on the market. The demand exceeds the supply of 20 yuan per kilogram.

 Ginseng Digua, also known as ginseng sweet potato, looks like ginseng, and has a slender body. It is a new variety cultivated by Chi Qingjun, an expert on sweet potato in China, after more than ten years.