More than 400,000 mu, "Hometown of China's Three Cherry Peppers", how to build the Zhecheng Pepper brand?

Chili pepper has been planted in Zhecheng County of Henan Province for more than 400 years, and has been an industry for more than 50 years. From the late 1990s to the present, the planting area has stabilized over 400,000 mu, which is named "the land of three cherry peppers in China".

September 26, the first large bonsai exhibition of Xuchang in the Spring and Autumn Building Scenic Area

The exhibition invites bonsai artists both inside and outside the province to exhibit with excellent works. It plans to exhibit more than 300 basins of fine bonsai works, including pines, cypresses, elms and other varieties and fruit bonsai, which can be described as various and splendid.

Henan Province will build ten superior characteristic agricultural bases, Nine items related to Luoyang

In order to continuously promote the high-quality development of agriculture, the provincial construction of ten superior characteristic agricultural bases involves nine of Luoyang's bases, all of which are specific to counties.

Famous Agricultural Brands in Shangqiu City, Henan Province -  "Yadong Zhebao" Three Cherry Pepper

Zhecheng Yadong Three Cherry Pepper Garlic Planting Co-op is located in Dangzhuang Village, Chenqing Market Town, Zhechengcheng County. It was founded in December 2008 and has registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Famous Agricultural Brands in Shangqiu City, Henan Province - Xiayi watermelon

Xiayi watermelon is produced in Wangji Township, Guozhuang Agricultural and Trade Zone, Liudian Township, Taiping Town, Huodian Township, Beiling Town, Caoji Township, Huqiao Township, Kong Zhuang Township, Guodian Town, Huiting Town, Qihe Township, 12 townships.

Selling Chinese Herbal Medicine, Flowers and Trees, Selling Bonsai Nanzhao Magnolia "Triple Jump"

Just after the spring equinox, in the Nanzhao Yulan International Flower and Wood City in the deep mountainous area of Funiu Mountain in Henan Province, there are neatly arranged large-scale bonsais from the Japanese-inspired Xinghua Magnolia and the local breeding two Qiaoyulan.