Ziyang Selenium-enriched Tea Selected from the List of Agricultural Products Registered by Geographical Indications of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China announced the list of the fourth batch of agricultural products with geographical indications in 2018, and Ziyang Tea Research Institute declared that Ziyang Selenium-rich Tea was on the list.


In the spring, “consumption and poverty alleviation” is in action, the “first pot” of Guizhou spring tea comes to Guangzhou!

Recently, the "Recommendation of Guizhou Goods' Duyun Maojian Pingtang Top Tea" and the "Consumption Poverty Alleviation Activity" jointly launched by the Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou and the Pingtang County People's Government of Guizhou Province in 2019 will be held in Wanda