The novel coronavirus pandemic epidemic may trigger a new round of global food crisis-- Vice Minister of Agriculture of China

Beijing / Shanghai (Reuters) - the global novel coronavirus pandemic may have a serious impact on international food trade, triggering a new round of food crisis, said Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, on Monday.

Ministry of Agriculture: Turn crisis into opportunity and increase export of agricultural products

According to Thailand ’s Minister of Agriculture Chalenchai, the Chinese Customs (GACC) has announced the addition of a list of 7 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses, which means that there are already 22 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses on the list.

Three squirrels plan to use their own capital of 42.26 million yuan to invest in four wholly-owned subsidiaries

Three squirrels announced that the company held the 11th meeting of the second board of directors to deliberate and approve the proposal on establishing wholly-owned subsidiaries through external investments.

Hema and Haidilao are all looking at your kitchen. Is the semi-finished dish a tuyere or a gimmick?

What is a semi-finished dish? Most people in the industry agree that the definition is to be able to reduce the cleaning, cutting and material preparation before cooking, to cook as hot as you eat, and to create a table of dishes in 10 minutes.

Conagen develops unprecedented critical lactoferrin protein produced via fermentation worldwide

Conagen announced today the discovery and development of a sustainable proprietary lactoferrin protein that mirrors the nutritional properties of lactoferrin from breast milk. The first-of-its-kind natural lactoferrin protein is produced via fermentation process at commercial-scale.

In the past three years of listing, Shenghai food's performance has not increased but decreased, and its share price has become a "Fairy"

It is understood that the raw material supply of Shenghai Food mainly comes from raw materials purchased by fishermen suppliers and algal product farmers, and processed raw materials purchased from enterprise suppliers.