Hot pot 3 months back? Analysis of the whole case: Haidilao, Xiuhu, Little Sheep, Xiaolongkan, Special Hotpot. To reveal the truth of profiteering and losing money for you

In mid-May, we conducted a survey on "Which industry in-depth evaluation do you want Egg Solution Enterprise Editorial Department to do most". The results showed that "Hot pot" won with an absolute advantage of 16%. To sum up, there are two reasons:

Migrant friends and tourists enjoy delicious food and food specialties

At 9 o'clock on the morning of June 5, "Me and my motherland" 2019 The 3rd Beibu Gulf (Hainan Zhangzhou) Tourism and Food Expo hiking activities depart from Xiangyang Forest Park, along Zhongxing Street - Yunyue Road - Baodao Road - Guosheng Road, marching to the Zhangzhou Cultural Square.

2019 National Top Ten Food List was announced - Shanghai glutinous rice dumpling

Glutinous rice dumpling is the traditional breakfast of the old Shanghai people. There are many flavors, such as pumpkin, fried sticks, bean paste, colorful tofu and so on. Everyone who has been to Shanghai knows that you can see such a breakfast shop in the streets and alleys of Shanghai.