Speciality China: Calcium fruit,calcium-enriching product! one of the world's three rare and healthy fruits

You will know the unique features of this fruit as soon as you hear the name! That's right, it's: calcium. Calcium fruit is not originally called calcium fruit. Its professional name in botany is called Ou Li. Speaking of this name, it is actually named after our plant taxonomist Chen Wei.

Do you have these specialties in your hometown? - Huizhou Mei Cai

Huizhou Meicai is a special product of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China's national geographical indication product. Mei Cai is a famous specialty of Huizhou, Guangdong Province, also known as “Huizhou Gongcai”. Huizhou is also known as the “Hometown of Chinese Meicai”.

After the stinky tofu, these specialties in China are also hot, and foreigners shouted: not enough to eat every day

Today, I tell you a kind of fruit, its name is called thorn pear, so like this pear, he is mainly with thorns, and it is relatively rare for rural areas, so this pear its nutritional value is still very high, so there are different benefits for men and women to eat, then for this kind of thing, i

The disappearing Chinese Yangtze River rare fishes - Chinese paddlefish

Chinese paddlefish (scientific name: Psephurus gladius): 2-3 meters in length, 200-300 kilograms in weight, and the largest body length can reach 7.5 meters. Also known as the Chinese spoon scorpion, and the species living in the Mississippi River are the same species of the genus.