Speeding up the Construction of Brand Agriculture and Holding the Second Loquat Festival in Fuqing, Fujian Province

To speed up the construction of brand agriculture, implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization and give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, the second Fuzhou (Fuqing) Loquat Festival was held in Dongguanzhai, Yidu Town, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, on April 13, 2019.

Why is it different from Kunming and Beijing. other seven places in China also hold the Expo?

The reason why the Beijing World Garden Expo is so concerned is, on the one hand, because this is the highest-level and largest international exhibition held in China after the Kunming World Garden Expo, the Shanghai World Expo and the first Import Expo.

Tasting global cuisine The first Shanghai Disney International Food Festival will be held from April 12th.

On April 12th, Shanghai Disney Resort will hold the first “International Cuisine” in Disney Town, presenting food and wine from all over the world, Star Chef Class and exciting Disney entertainment performances, which will last until May 4.

The Second Yunnan Chef's Festival Opens in Kunming with the "Nine Schools" Kitchen Club

Excellent New Oriental cook turning pot skills, collective chef knife show, duck eating contest... On the afternoon of March 31, the second Yunnan Chef's Festival, with the theme of "Chef's Festival Industry Grand Gathering", opened on Runcheng Second Avenue in Kunming.

The second Kunyu Garden Culture Festival in Luanping invites you to experience the feast of Yantai rural culture tourism

This morning, the launching ceremony of "Yantai People Touring Yantai" rural tourism in 2019 and the second Kunyu Pastoral Culture Festival in Mouping District opened a grand opening ceremony in the General Valley Scenic Area of Longquan Town, which officially opened the chapter of "Spring Voice"

400 million yuan on the first day! Guolian Aquatic Products debuted at the 2019 7th China Food and E-commerce Festival, a strong interpretation of the "Shrimp King" style

At the grand event, Guolian Aquatic Exhibition is located in G2-B15, which maintains the fashionable design of "Guolian Blue" and technology-sensitive booth. The largest display screen of the exhibition booth is first "sound", which attracts many visitors to come and go.

New varieties emerge endlessly, and the dominant position of warrant orange is shaken? Are there any prospects for planting  warrant orange

Good-looking, delicious, easy planting, storage and transportation, long listing period... warrant orange is undoubtedly the black horse in Citrus in recent years. With an area of 3 million mu, is the market saturated?

Peach Blossom Garden Cultural Tourism Festival Opening Visitors Can Enjoy Flowers and Spring Farming and Enjoy Pastoral Entertainment

This morning, the opening ceremony of the Peach Blossom Source Cultural Tourism Festival and Spring Ploughing Opening Ceremony (hereinafter referred to as Peach Blossom Source Cultural Tourism Festival) was held in Peach Blossom Square, Peach Blossom Source Scenic Area, China.