September 26, the first large bonsai exhibition of Xuchang in the Spring and Autumn Building Scenic Area

The exhibition invites bonsai artists both inside and outside the province to exhibit with excellent works. It plans to exhibit more than 300 basins of fine bonsai works, including pines, cypresses, elms and other varieties and fruit bonsai, which can be described as various and splendid.

The 5th China Fisheries Expo held in Guangzhou, thousands of seafood products at home and abroad

Burmese tiger shrimp, Peruvian big squid, black gold abalone... The 5th China (Guangzhou) International Fisheries Expo and Cold Chain Exhibition was held in Guangzhou on the 23rd. Nearly 658 companies at home and abroad brought thousands of related products of aquatic and seafoods.

Which of the several aquarium-related exhibitions in China have you been to?

According to relevant information, households with aquariums in Europe and the United States account for up to 25%, which means that every four families have an aquarium, and in the birthplace of modern family aquarium technology in Germany, aquarium families The area of occupancy is as high as 7

Strange news!!! Why are the two cities competing to hold the orchid fair?

Recently, a message was heated in the circle of friends in the orchid industry. The Orchid Branch of the China Flower Association decided to cancel the contract for the 30th China Orchid Expo in Bijie City and to withdraw the flag of the China Orchid Expo. This situation is really rare.

Speakers at the World Flower Congress in 2019, Beijing

In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between flowers at home and abroad and promote the development of green cities, with the support of the National Afforestation Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of International Exhibitions (BIE), the State Forestry and