White wine - It doesn't matter how expensive. The three China'a "specialties" Japanese female tourists most like

The third type is white wine. China's wine culture has a long history. Whether it is brewing technology or crafts, it has been very mature. Different brewing materials and crafts can make liquors with completely different tastes.

cheongsam - It doesn't matter how expensive. The three China'a "specialties" Japanese female tourists most like

The second is the cheongsam. The Chinese cheongsam is exquisitely crafted. The cheongsam made of silk and satin not only has a better quality, but also shows the charm of women vividly, which makes the Japanese female tourists who love beauty have no resistance to it at all.

It doesn't matter how expensive. The three China'a "specialties" Japanese female tourists most like

The first is Chinese scented tea. Everyone knows that Japanese culture is largely influenced by ancient China. China is a country with abundant tea ceremony culture. At the same time, Japan also has a deep study of tea culture. Among them, scented tea is deeply loved by Japanese female tourists.

This "foreign daughter-in-law" is too good! The first time I came to China, I saw my mother-in-law and bought all kinds of Chinese specialties, filled with kangs.

Zhang Ayi listened to his son and said that Maria knew that China had to prepare for the New Year's Eve, and he resolutely gave up the idea of "sending foreign goods to meet the ceremonies." In order to buy himself a full range of Chinese New Year's goods, he took a day to buy online.

World Speciality: Rare and strange fruits are found all over the world - Cluster of fresh dates

This is a date produced only in a few oases in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. Its English name is Cluster of fresh dates. Unlike other dates, it is eaten as fresh fruit. It's known to have a high sweetness, just eat 10 raw and easily reach 3000 calories!

Speciality China: Hebei healthy and good product: Zhao County Snow Pear

Zhaoxian Snow Pear, Zhao County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China National Geographical Indications. Pear fruit is straight, oval or broadly round, with a bright color and waxy, light brown spots; the flesh is as white as jade, like frost, snow, sugary and special pleasant aroma.