A 5㎡ ready-to-eat seafood store has a monthly income of 50,000, and the seafood market segment has broken out.

According to the statistics of China Food & Beverage Report (White Paper 2018), dinner, hot pot and casual snacks have become the top three formats in the catering industry. Leisure snacks and catering are leading consumers with low cost, fast opening and rich innovations. trend.

Thailand’s Zhengda and Red Bull family’s wealth has shrunk, and Wal-Mart has withdrawn from the five cities in four months.

Since 2019, Wal-Mart has closed six major stores in China, withdrawing from five cities - Qingdao, Haining, Lishui, Weifang and Zhenjiang. Wal-Mart withdrew from four cities in China in 2018: Wuhu, Tangshan, Shaoxing and Harbin.