incredible! Sichuan's green food products rank first in the west

The reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Sichuan Province that up to now, Sichuan Province has identified 5,357 agricultural products with “three products and one standard”, including 3,684 pollution-free agricultural products, 166 geographical indication agricul

21 Municipalities and Prefectures Gathering and Launching "Sichuan Brand", Chengdu Agricultural Expo Opening on April 25

The 2019 (first) National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Conversion Conference and the 7th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Exposition will open the new International Convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City.

The 9th Chengdu Tea Picking Festival Opening. Chengjia Tea Village Experiences the Fun of Parent-Child Tea Picking

Spring is about Pujiang, and the tongue is fragrant. On March 16, "2019 Sichuan Flower (fruit) Ecotourism Festival Branch and the 9th Chengdu Tea Picking Festival" was opened in Chengjia Tea Township, Pujiang County. This tea-picking festival is rich and exciting.

Sichuan fish “Yayu” has become a “geographical indication of agricultural products” aquatic products

The fifth expert review meeting on the registration of agricultural products geographical indications in 2018 was held in Beijing

Expert group organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs