Fujian Geographic Signs and Trademarks List! Zhangzhou 29 kinds of fruits were selected - Myrica rubra

According to historical records, Longhai people began to plant Myrica rubra in the Southern Song Dynasty, which has a history of more than 700 years. The Myrica rubra color is ruddy and purple, fruity, juicy and sweet. It is also rich in sugar, organic acids and protein.

Changping Strawberry: special fruit in Changping District, Beijing, national geographical indication product

Beijing Changping Origin: Baoping Strawberry, special fruit in Changping District, Beijing, AQSIQ reviewed the application for protection of Changping Strawberry Geographical Indication Products, and approved the implementation of GI product protection for Changping Strawberry from March 16, 2011

Guizhou, geographical indication product -  Yongle Brilliant Red Peach

The geographical protection scope of Yongle Yanhongdao agricultural products geographical indications includes seven administrative villages under the jurisdiction of Shuitang Village, Shitang Village, Yangjiao Village, Baiyang Village, Luoli Village, Yongle Village and Ganjing Village in Yongle

This fruit in the countryside is a national geographical indication product of China. The market is 30 yuan  per jin.

This fruit is Sanhua plum, more people in rural areas call it chicken hemp plum, which is the national "geographical indication" product of China. Say plum everybody must be very familiar with, in fact, Sanhua plum is a variety of plums. It doesn't taste as sour as plums.

Speeding up the Construction of Brand Agriculture and Holding the Second Loquat Festival in Fuqing, Fujian Province

To speed up the construction of brand agriculture, implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization and give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, the second Fuzhou (Fuqing) Loquat Festival was held in Dongguanzhai, Yidu Town, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, on April 13, 2019.