Ziyang Selenium-enriched Tea Selected from the List of Agricultural Products Registered by Geographical Indications of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China announced the list of the fourth batch of agricultural products with geographical indications in 2018, and Ziyang Tea Research Institute declared that Ziyang Selenium-rich Tea was on the list.


The Provincial Local Standard of "Geographical Indications Products - Zhouzhi Cornus officinalis" was officially released

The promulgation and implementation of this standard is of great significance for guaranteeing the quality of Zhouzhi County's Cornus officinalis products, calling it the geographical indication brand of Xiangzhouzhi Cornus officinalis, improving the market competitiveness, promoting the income o


incredible! Sichuan's green food products rank first in the west

The reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Sichuan Province that up to now, Sichuan Province has identified 5,357 agricultural products with “three products and one standard”, including 3,684 pollution-free agricultural products, 166 geographical indication agricul

Fujian Agricultural Products Geographical Indication Products | Yongchun White Muscovy Duck

Yongchun white muscovy duck is native to tropical Central and South America and later introduced to Yongchun County by Taiwan. According to the "Quanzhou Fuzhi" compiled in the 28th year of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1763), "The muscovy duck resembles a duck and resembles a goose.