koi, one sells 10 million yen! With a huge investment opportunity of hundreds of millions, the "fish" music circle is also crazy

When it comes to fish from neighboring Japan, many people may first think of sashimi. In fact, in addition to eating, there is also a famous ornamental fish in Japan, that is, the koi that is known as the "water gem".

Vietnamese ornamental fish is welcoming a good opportunity to swim abroad.

In the past, when it comes to ornamental fish farming, people generally think of smaller households, mainly serving the needs of domestic players. But in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the industry is gradually becoming a high-income industry with an average annual income of billions of VND.

Highlights in Scientific Research of Six High-end Closed-shell Turtles in China in Recent Ten Years

The new edition of "25 Endangered Turtle Species Inventory" (pictured below) released in 2018 also updated the current situation of six high-end closed-shelled turtles in China. Compared with the previous version of the report, the changes are still considerable.

The first case of violation of the “Yangcheng Lake” hairy crab GI product in the province was held in court!

Recently, the first case of hairy crab infringement on the geographical indications of Yangcheng Lake was heard in Kunshan City Court, which was sued by Yangcheng Lake Crab Industry Association of Bacheng Town and supported by Kunshan Procuratorate.

Lianmi Intelligent Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System

China is a major aquaculture country, accounting for nearly 70% of the world's total output. But the production mode of the whole industry is still at a relatively low level. Most farming still relies on a large number of artificial diagnosis, decision-making and adjustment.