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Another feature of the Xiamen Tea Expo exhibiting tea is the international standard. The official data of the organizers includes overseas exhibitors from 15 countries and regions. In addition to the familiar Taiwanese Oolong, Indian black tea and Malaysian old tea are very worth visiting.

What's the use of the geographical indication of tea for us? (with a list of geographical indications of tea)

Geographical indication products refer to products produced in a specific region, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are essentially determined by the natural and human factors of the origin, which are named after geographical names after examination and approval.

Do not understand the national tea standards, we also talk about Chinese tea exports?

Tea inspection standards are mainly divided into national standards for tea production (mainly export inspection) and non-tea production (mainly import inspection). Each country has its own set of standards based on its own national conditions and import and export needs.

The International Pu'er Tea Forum 2019 was successfully held during the Xiamen International Tea Fair (autumn).

The theme of the International Pu'er Tea Forum in 2019 is "Twenty Years of Pu'er Tea" and invites Ms. Ruan Dianlong, founder of Yunnan Six Tea Mountain Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Vice President of China Tea Industry Circulation Association; Mr.

The latest announcement! Zhangjiajie giant salamander, Baise mango, Yanchitan sheep and other 25 geographical signs will usher in great development

On October 8, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a circular announcing the list of projects to be designated as Geographical Indications Promotion Project in 2019. The implementation of the project will be started after the publication and completed within two years.