Tea in a microwave? New research says it could be the perfect cuppa

Chinese scientists reckon they have found the way to make a proper brew without a kettle. Heresy or scientific fact?

Agri-infra fund: PM Modi to launch financing facility of ₹1 lakh cr tomorrow

The agri-infra fund was part of the over ₹20 lakh crore stimulus package announced in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Israeli Agritech Intelligence Startup Taranis Raises $30M

Israeli agricultural intelligence firm Taranis, a precision agriculture startup that allows farmers to monitor fields and make informed decisions, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $30 million in a Series C round.

The round was led by the growth stage VC Vertex Growth, Japanese mulinational Hitachi Group, and Asian conglomerate The Kuok Group, through its venture capital arm K3 Ventures.

Jiang Hua: Live broadcast of e-commerce helps to sell  Jianghua Bitter Tea

Jiang Hua Bitter Tea

Jianghua bitter tea is the characteristic tea brand of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, with the highest content of tea polyphenols in the province, and it is the first-class raw material for making black tea. It was rated as a national geographic indication product in 2016. However, due to its low popularity, the market sales grew slowly. In April this year, mango poverty alleviation cloud supermarket went into Jianghua Yao Autonomous County to broadcast Jianghua bitter tea. It showed the advantages of bitter tea to the national audience.


Wize Launches Coffee Leaf Iced Tea

Wize, the Vancouver founded award-winning brand built on discovering the taste and social impact of the coffee leaf, announced the launch of its canned iced tea line up – the first of its kind now available across North America. 


Questex Cancels World Tea Conference & Expo 2020

Questex has canceled the World Tea Conference + Expo but plans to reconvene in July 2021.

Golden Ratio: The New Coffee That Tastes Like Tea

Can’t decide between coffee or tea? Golden Ratio lets you experience both in one cup. The creation of this new tea-like coffee started from Clark Nowlin’s inability to enjoy regular coffee while out on the road.

This 16-year-old entrepreneur from Delhi runs a Bubble Tea business all by herself. Here's how

Harshita Jain tells us about her journey as a young entrepreneur and how numerous challenges did not stop her from running her own business at such an early age

Immunity-Boosting Drink: How To Make Cinnamon And Clove Tea To Fight Cold And Flu

This clove and cinnamon tea is a refreshing mix of health and taste. While clove has a nice hot and pungent flavour, cinnamon has mildly sweet tones.


Hundreds show support for fruit business called ‘illegal’ in viral video

Hundreds lined up Monday on a Canyon Country sidewalk to buy fresh fruit in support of two friends’ fruit business, a day after a local couple was recorded on video telling the street vendors to leave.