Chongqing citizens have a good fortune. The minimum time for foreign seafood clearance is only half an hour

Nowadays, in Chongqing, all kinds of seafood supermarkets and stores can be described as blooming everywhere. Chongqing citizens who do not rely on the sea want to eat all kinds of seafood. It can be said that it is a minute.

Hong Kong suspends the import and sale of oysters from the 56.09.3 waters of Morbihan, France

The Food Safety Centre of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong announced on February 23 that it would immediately suspend the import of oysters from the 56.09.3 waters of the French province of Morbihan and sell them in Hong Kong.

Two Chinese were arrested for allegedly bringing a chameleon back to China

The article said that the so-called Chinese men Wu Mou and Ma Moumou claimed to be "insect experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences", but in Madagascar led children and parents during the trip, regardless of the child's life safety "teaching children to catch wild animals", even made a violatio

Seafood business boosts Lenovo Joyvio's net profit by 903.92%

On February 22, Lenovo Jiavio disclosed the 2018 performance report.During the reporting period, it realized a total operating income of 1.927 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 235.41%, and a net profit of 245.789 million yuan, an increase of 903.92% over the same period of the previous ye

The General Administration of Customs has issued a new regulation for pet clearance

The reporter learned from Wuhan Customs yesterday that the General Administration of Customs recently issued the "Regulations on Further Regulating the Import and Export Supervision of Pets."

It is more convenient for cats and dogs to enter the country in May this year.