Farmer Friends Club hardworking peasant brother: Do the best new farmers Wifi connector

The Farmer Friends Club was established in 2014. This is the first time that Li Fanghua (hardworking and peasant brother) started his business. He graduated from Guangdong Textile Vocational and Technical College, after the 90th, Guangdong Shaoguan.

The peasant elder sister used a tricycle to modify the "sprayer" and was praised by the villagers as "agricultural inventor"

With the arrival of spring, farmers have gradually cultivated crops to lay the foundation for the harvest in the coming year. Some sowing, some transplanting, some weeding, etc., these farms are accompanied by the current life of the peasants.

Is it suitable for you to breed new aquatic products with an output of over 5000kg per mu?

The most prominent characteristics of Basha fish are crude and easy to feed. It is an omnivorous fish. It can eat both natural fresh bait and artificial formula feed. Under artificial feeding conditions, most of the fish are fed with cooked artificial formula feed.

Great collection of high quality tomato varieties! - Rainbow tomato

Rainbow tomato: Infinitely growing small and medium fruit tomato, medium and early maturing varieties, strong plant growth, strong disease resistance, long rounded fruit, mature red, yellow and green color, single fruit quality 50 ~ 70 grams, good consistency good quality, high-end vegetables for

The number of farmers is decreasing. Who will farm in China in the next 20 years? Experts: New Farmers

In the future, "new peasants" will come on stage, using their educational level and agricultural skills will change the traditional agricultural model of our former peasants, there will be a qualitative leap! This is also the "secret book" of China's future agricultural development.

Great collection of high quality tomato varieties! - Black Beauty

Infinitely growing medium-sized tomato, the plant grows vigorously, has high fruit setting rate, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, fruit round, purple black, single fruit quality 150-200 g, good taste, hard texture, good commodity, anti-tobacco Mosaic virus disease, leaf mo