New varieties of apple seedlings introduced in 2019, the most worthy of development of high-quality apple varieties all here!

Now apple varieties are more, not a single Fuji series, go into the supermarket to see the apple sales area is full of beautiful, imported, domestic, red, yellow, blue, dazzling do not know how to choose, fruit growers friends choose to plant apple seedlings there are also such worries, once the

Behind the Ten-fold Price Journey of a Hua Niu Apple: How can Agriculture Have a Headway

Coordinates Tianshui, Gansu, is rich in Hua Niu Apples, with large fruit shape, bright red color and good taste (absolute sugar heart). It is the world's three famous apple brands with the American snake fruit and Japanese Fuji. A friend sent a box and was full of praise.

2019 Shanxi, Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou) promotion activities will be held soon

>The special geographical climate has made the Shanxi apple taste good and look fine. In the near future, the citizens of Greater Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao will taste this northwest “good fruit” on a special platform.