Fishing boat resumed in Zhejiang Zhoushan International Fisheries City

On February 27, in the wharf of Zhoushan International Fisheries City, the fishing boats returned to port with all kinds of seafood. Fishermen weigh and register seafood for sale. The fishing industry has been back to work, and the prevention and control of the epidemic has not been lax.

Hangzhou’s number one buffet, turned out to be a vegetarian restaurant - Vegetarian Hall

This visit is the number one buffet in Hangzhou. Searching for the word "vegetarian" on an app, the first thing that popped up was a restaurant in Jiefang Road. When you clicked in, it was the first buffet in Hangzhou.

China Farmers Harvest Festival·Zhoushan Fishery Harvest Festival, the delicious food you think of is here

September, the autumn equinox
Rice is fragrant, crab is fat and chrysanthemum yellow
Everywhere is full of the joy of harvest
2019 "New Chapter of Ocean Fishery Dream and Harvest"
Chinese Peasant Harvest Festival, Zhoushan Fishing Ground Harvest Festival

Jiaxing wants to open a 5000m² garden center! On the opening day, you will also receive 1,500 pots of potted plants for free!

It is said that Jiaxing has a garden center.

One-stop flower gardening hypermarket

Rainbow flower

World Garden Conference Hosting Enterprise

One-stop shopping experience

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai 21 Garden Center

Garden space layout design

500 pots more succulent! Free delivery! The Beilun Flower and Bird Market is grand opening!

On the edge of Huangshan Road in Beilun

Hid a flower and bird market

The morning here is always accompanied by birds and flowers.

Compared with the Huangshan Road in the morning

Here is a paradise

The Beilun Flower and Bird Market is grand opening!

Look at the food! Ninghai Red Heart Kiwifruit with tender pulp, sweet and refreshing taste is on the market

In Ninghai County, a professional fruit cooperative reporter saw that the garden of kiwifruit hanging full of branches, bursts of delicate fragrance of fruit, people drool. Many parents and their children come to pick it on weekends.