New Retail

Baiguo Garden gather super hunters, three minutes to decipher durian delicious way!

According to the Battle Report of Baiguo Garden stores, Durian controllers have successfully eliminated more than 380,000 durian kings in just four days from April 11 to 14. Their combat effectiveness is 11 times higher than that of the same period last year.

Baiguo Garden in 70 cities, offline chain stores up to 3700, more than 230 special supply bases around the world

On April 27, Baiguo Garden, a well-known fruit retail brand in China, was formally stationed in Yichang, Hubei Province. Three stores opened. Yuan Feng, executive vice president of Baiguo Garden Group, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

From the fruit to the big fresh retail, Baiguo Garden Yu Huiyong: re-zero, willing to fight for another 20 years

Recently, Baiguo Garden has also issued a fresh strategy, the 18-year-old "fruit store" announced its entry into the fresh field. At the conference, why did Yu Huiyong, founder of Baiguo Garden, march forward? Why can we make it fresh? And how to make it fresh? Give my own thinking.