2019 China International Food & Catering Expo opens in Changsha. Come here to taste the world cuisine.

2019 China International Food & Beverage Expo (referred to as 2019 Food Party) opened in Changsha. From September 20th to 22nd, more than 1,600 companies from 14 countries and regions will participate in the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

China Farmers Harvest Festival·Zhoushan Fishery Harvest Festival, the delicious food you think of is here

September, the autumn equinox
Rice is fragrant, crab is fat and chrysanthemum yellow
Everywhere is full of the joy of harvest
2019 "New Chapter of Ocean Fishery Dream and Harvest"
Chinese Peasant Harvest Festival, Zhoushan Fishing Ground Harvest Festival

The fake crab is prevalent, the real crab is sharply reduced, and the life and death of Yangcheng Lake

The annual Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are on the way, and people who rely on selling crabs for their livelihood are now facing a more serious situation. Where will they go in the future? Can Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs still maintain its gold signboard?

Amazing! Taishan eel Industrial Park was selected as the second batch of candidates for provincial modern agricultural parks in 2018

The leading industry of modern industrial park of eel province in Taishan city is eel industry. Eel, the scientific name of eel, has very high nutritional value. It is regarded as a good nourishing and cosmetic product in China and many parts of the world.

September 26, the first large bonsai exhibition of Xuchang in the Spring and Autumn Building Scenic Area

The exhibition invites bonsai artists both inside and outside the province to exhibit with excellent works. It plans to exhibit more than 300 basins of fine bonsai works, including pines, cypresses, elms and other varieties and fruit bonsai, which can be described as various and splendid.

30 popular specialties from 20 provinces have been eaten all over the country by online shopping

These specialties have different styles, such as the delicacy of Guangzhou, the rudeness of Xinjiang and the curiosity of Jiangsu. Just looking at them, there is a local flavor. Eat up, there should also be a taste bud in the country travel instant sense of it!